Chef Tatung’s Refreshing New Take on Traditional Flavors

Some say the best of traditional Filipino cuisine can be found in old family recipes, passed and lovingly preserved through generations. It is here where one can taste the richness and regional diversity of traditional flavors, and through time, enhanced by culinary influences and a shared history resulting in a fusion of Spanish and Chinese flavors that remain so comforting. Myke Sarthou, or Tatung as close friends fondly call him, grew up with these old family recipes, and shares them in his new restaurant, Chef Tatung’s at the Acacia Estates.


Mike Sarthou began his culinary adventures sharing his favorite family recipes with close friends, and in no time, quickly gained a following. Converting part of his home into Tatung’s Garden Cafe, and by word of mouth, eventually became a favorite spot among foodies searching for familiar, traditional flavors with a refreshing and contemporary twist. With everything going so well, it couldn’t get any better. But it did. An opportunity to open a much larger restaurant in a new location led Chef Tatung to Acacia Estates in Taguig City. And just last Ocotber 26, Chef Tatung’s formally opened in its new location.